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The SanusLife reward system.


The SANUSLIFE reward system

SANUSCREDITS (SC) are reward points that you get for various activities at SANUSLIFE in the form of SANUSCREDIT cashback. You can easily collect them, save them, multiply them and even convert them into SANUSCOINS.

First things first!

1.000 SC free of charge!

Anyone who registers with SANUSLIFE will receive 1,000 SANUSCREDITS as a welcome gift. Regardless of whether you are a user or a Member - this welcome gift is for everyone. And it will be credited directly to your personal SC account!

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Admittedly: The SC account is not a bank account. But it almost looks like one! All SANUSCREDIT transactions are clearly listed as movements in the personal SC account by debit and credit.

How much SC someone has received, when, why and through what can be found out in no time at all using the filter function.

All bonus,
or what!?

Exactly. The following content illustrates what SANUSLIFE thanks its users for with the SANUSCREDITS.


Anyone who registers with SANUSLIFE will receive a welcome bonus of 1,000 SC credited to their personal SC account. And anyone who also unlocks additional services by purchasing licenses will receive further attractive rewards in the form of SANUSCREDITS.

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Shopping at SANUSLIFE

All SANUSLIFE products are eligible for the SANUSCREDIT Cashback "Super-Bonus 100". Each item is multiplied by 100 based on the EU net list price. The product is the Cashback Bonus. So just shop and in no time at all the Bonus is booked to your SC account.

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Anyone who logs into the in-house social media community SANUSWORLD will receive 10 SANUSCREDITS credited daily. A good reason to check in every day and find out what's going on at SANUSLIFE. Conclusion: SANUSWORLD readers know more.

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Shopping with partner companies

SANUSCREDITS is not only available directly on the purchase of SANUSLIFE products, but also on the purchase of products from MAP Partners. The amount of the reward depends on the margin that the partner company allows for the purchase of its products. Partner companies of SANUSLIFE can therefore also use the SANUSCREDIT cashback system as a purchasing incentive and offer it to their own customers.

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Are you an entrepreneur?


For a small fee, we'll get you noticed on our SANUSMAP. You will be seen and your customers will receive SANUSCREDITS on every purchase of your products. As a starting gift, even you will get a nice portion of SANUSCREDITS booked to your SC account.

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Did the Split do it?

The collected SANUSCREDITS can be multiplied. A doubling (x2), a quintupling (x5), even a twenty-fold increase (x20) is possible! So you can easily build up a SANUSCREDIT cashback fortune. To participate in the SANUSCREDIT split program, all you need to do is purchase the PREMIUM Member License.

Tip: Those who are undecided can first secure the free BASIC Member License and find out about the other possibilities at the Member Meetings.

Want more?

At SANUSLIFE there are many more ways to enjoy these golden-silver credits. Simply register for free - and discover even more collection actions step by step.

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Credits... turn into coins!

At the beginning of each year, you can have your SANUSCREDITS collected in the previous year converted into SANUSCOINS. In doing so, the credits will be converted into Coins free of charge in a certain ratio until the year 2024. The conversion value is calculated by dividing the annually determined distribution amount of 111,111,111 SANUSCOINS by the amount of total SANUSCREDITS released for conversion.

SANUSCOINS as premium

The SANUSCOINS are, so to speak, a bonus that SANUSLIFE pays out to its users and Members every year. As a thank you for registering, for logging in to SANUSWORLD every day, for shopping in the SANUSSTORE and many other activities.


A premium with Bitcoin potential!

No matter what the value of SANUSCOINS is now - since SANUSCOINS are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, are limited by software code and provide real value as a means of payment, they basically have the same potential to increase in value as Bitcoin. And who would have thought that Bitcoin would rise from 0.08 US cents to its current value? This price fantasy exists with SANUSCOIN, of course. Likewise. Free of charge. In addition.


I also want 1,000 SC. What do I have to do?

Simply click on the button below, register quickly and free of charge as a FREE User and the 1,000 SC - also free of charge, of course - will be booked to your SC account!

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